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My daughter is dating a registered sex offender

my daughter is dating a registered sex offender

clean now? To do so, please look at the. Regardless of what I find, I will not be tipping her of when I decide to take sole custody. He even has a certificate saying he's not a danger to anyone or whatever. This way, you could consider sending a written copy to Children's Services (and or the nspcc) if you continue to be very concerned, and still feel that not enough is being done. We will get through this together. Do you believe him? It is not unheard of for the legal system to have made a mistake, but it is also difficult to find out whether he is telling the truth.

If so, for what? A neutral party may be helpful as additional support for you, or you and he both, as you figure out whether you want to choose to move forward with this relationship or not. What Laws Will Affect Us? Has he gotten in trouble? You say you have been in touch with the police, and they are satisfied that there is no criminal offence being committed. How did he do in treatment or probation? She can't introduce him to the kids for another eight months due to custody agreement (hopefully she even follows that).

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Support, it sounds like you are in a very difficult situation, and youre looking for guidance on how to proceed. Further, it is always a good idea to move slowly, and find out more about the person you are dating, no matter what theyre past may look like, before making big life decisions. Can I Help My Significant Other Get Taken Off the Sex Offender Registry? Especially when the father, based on his past history, could pose a risk to them e problem you have, is that he is an unassessed risk to them at the current time, although he has completed his sentence and monitoring requirements due to his past. As you move forward with your life, it will be prudent to look at all the factors involved and weigh them equally when making your decision.